Innovative Financial Solutions

INNO’s focus will be on cases where the bank said “No”

What do we do? That’s easy – We lend money

But let’s be clear, we are not a bank. INNO’s focus will be on cases where the bank said “No”. Banks may be happy to lend to completed property developments but even getting first mortgage loans on new or partially completed developments is difficult.

INNO Capital will look to fund start-up and mid-stream commercial ventures where we see the developer as having the skills and passion to complete the project on budget and on time, or get distressed ventures back on track.

Don’t ask us what our lending rate is because there is never one answer. A bridging fund requirement will have a higher cost of funds than a longer-term deal. The higher the equity the lower the risk so the lower the cost.



Don’t ask us for a template loan application form; we’ll leave that for the banks. Tell us what you have and what you need and back it up with some numbers, then let us use our combined experience to provide you with a proposal.

INNO Capital will assess each and every case on its merits and make quick and clear offers so that applicants can make quick decisions.

We want to be innovative lenders that say “yes” to financing ventures where the bank said “no”.

We have funds to lend so contact us now and bring us your proposal.