about us

Our aim is to be INNOVATIVE lenders that undertake financing ventures the bank won’t do.

INNO Capital was launched in 2015. The service is brand new but standing behind INNO Capital are brothers John and Michael Chow.

John and Michael Chow own a large and growing property portfolio in New Zealand www.cgml.co.nz  with a vast experience in established finance house.

INNO Capital has been launched to combine the funds, experience and international funding relationships of John and Michael Chow. Together, we plan to develop INNO Capital into a leading private funder in New Zealand.

INNO Capital is a registered financial services provider.  Our registration number is FSP469986.

CGML (Chow Group Management Limited) has a great range of properties in some amazing locations. We aim to add value to all our properties and maintain them to a high a standard.